About Us

The 21st Century Jumeirah Jane

Jumeirah in Arabic (جميرا‎‎‎,) meaning “beautiful”, a word that has been taken and formed in to a concept, a stereotype, a character that is – “The Jumeirah Jane”.

For those that reside in the Emirate of Dubai, the phrase “Jumeirah Jane” will not be uncommon, first appearing in the 1980’s, Jumeirah Jane was supposedly the wife of a wealthy Expat, whom did not work (other than on her shoe collection), spent her days shopping for designer handbags, sunglasses and watches whilst slow cruising down Beach / Al Wasl Road in her Range Rover or Mercedes Benz – Convertible!

On Sunday’s, beginning the ‘working week’ – “The Jumeirah Jane” would often pass her mothering responsibilities to the housemaid whilst she and her friends head to the Salon for a little morning pampering! Nails, hair and a glass of sparkling – Truly allowing the phrase “I’m an Expat” to be used almost hourly!.

A 5* lifestyle, in a 5-bedroom Villa in Jumeirah 1, defined by what she wears, the car that she drives and the size of the ring on her finger – because let’s face it, she was and always will be, a princess.

Fast forward to 2016, a more dated story with a true Jumeirah Jane herself establishing a brand that defines the true character of “The Jumeirah Jane” – A woman that worked full time, looked after a family (with 3 dogs) without a maid and still made time to get her nails & hair done – Jane set out on her quest to show that Cinderella can go to the ball after all!

Having been in Dubai herself since 2002, Jane, an ordinary woman who also liked designer and sparkly things - managed to set up her bespoke firm under the name ‘jumeriahjane’, or so she thought, until being truly blonde set in that it was spelt ‘jumeirah’ not ‘jumeriah’.

Jumeirahjane provides VIP concepts in Dubai including but not limited too Event Management, Exclusive made to order VIP glamour carpets for all events, Jumeirahjane clothing & Accessories adding that extra touch of glamour, our beloved Jumeirahjane ladies nights complimented with the Jumeirahjane cocktail and hen nights for a Jumeirahjane in the making.